Beginners Photography Workshop


  • Sunday, 14th January 2024, 10am – 4pm.
  • The workshop is a full day of easy to understand theory and fun hands on tuition for those who want to get better photos.
  • Lunch, tea, coffee and snacks are provided.
  • The group is kept small to make sure everyone has a chance for feedback and to ask questions.
  • You can attend the course yourself or book for a Christmas gift for the budding photographer in your life.
I have been running the workshop for ten years and it has got better and better over time.

The course will include theory and time to get hands on experience with your camera so bring along your camera.

Once you book on the course you will receive a confirmation and a discovery questionnaire aimed at making sure you get the best from the workshop.

"This course is an excellent opportunity for any beginner considering taking a path in the world of photography. The course content was clear and concise giving a good introduction to photography and the basics of editing. Donal is very friendly and encouraging which made the course more enjoyable. This course helped me to understand how to actually use my camera properly and to get off auto mode."


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