1 Year Of Mentoring



Twelve Monthly 90 minute mentor sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Perfect for beginners looking to become a proficient photographer, someone who dreams of a career change, or someone who wants to market and grow their own business, this transformative programme will be bespoke to your needs and will help you to fast track your growth and development.

Not only will you have a programme tailored to your needs, but having someone to speak to about issues and to keep your accountable each month is invaluable.

The sessions can take place at my studio in Derry~Londonderry or over Zoom.

After booking in I will send you an email to schedule in your sessions along with a discovery questionnaire to understand your goals and how to get the most from mentoring.

I also offer the option to pay in 4 instalments of £425. If interested in arranging a payment plan please email hello@donaldohertyeducation.com.


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